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At Sewing Technology, Inc., we apply our expertise to manufacture high quality, durable products for a wide range of applications. Here are just a few examples of the value added services that we provide every day.

Helmet Covers

Custom Sewing Services for a Military Aviation Application

At Sewing Technology, quality is always a primary consideration; however it was of paramount importance when we performed custom sewing services for this military aviation client. Our years of experience and process knowledge ensured the integrity and reliability of this aircraft flight deck helmet cover. This product requires dozens of operations, multiple sewing machine types, and customized machinery. We produce thousands of these covers annually to meet the requirements of the US Military. For more information on this sewing project, see the table below and contact us directly.

Cloth helmet cover

Flight Visors

Sewing Technology, Inc. assembled this flyer's helmet visor for use in military aviation. Standardized riveting and our specialized grinding process allows adherence of neoprene rubber to these polycarbonate lenses, while meeting the specifications of the USAF. 


Our team utilized state of the art equipment - air compressed snap machine, air compressed riveting machine, single needle Juki sewing machine - to make the finest neoprene and polycarbonate lens possible.

Using our years of experience with this product, we manufacture visors that are built to last.

We deliver these finely crafted visors to our client's facilities in MIL-STD-129P packaging.

Die Cutting

Precision die cutting of this lens cover, which was constructed of tanned leather sheepskin and oil tanned chamois leather sheepskin, was completed by Sewing Technology, Inc. This is used for military aviation visors.

Our equipment - including two-thread Juki serger, Juki single needle, and Consew walking foot, was utilized to precisely produce the highest quality leather lens cover possible.


Life Raft Components


Sewing Technology has the machinery, skilled labor, and quality systems in place to work with some of the most critical parts in the cut and sew industry. We have been producing parts for life support equipment for over 25 years, including life rafts, breathing systems, and Anti-G vests.

Other Work Examples

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Product Description Oxygen Bottle Harness
Custom Sewing Capabilities Applied/Processes Programmable JUKI bartacker Xbox stitch
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Single Needle JUKI;
Programmable JUKI bartacker
Overall Part Dimensions N/A
Tightest Tolerances 1/8"
Material Used MIL-SPEC webbings; 2" Side Release Buckles, Steel Spring Snap Hook
In process testing performed N/A
Estimated Part Weight 16 oz.
Industry for Use Military Aviation
Delivery Location Lancaster, NY
Standards Met Military Specifications
Product/Image Name Strap Assembly, Breathing Equipment


Product Description Vibration Dampening Bag
Capabilities Applied/Processes Rivet/hook installation; Screenprinting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Single Needle JUKI; Consew Zig-Zag; Air Compressed Rivet Machine
Tightest Tolerances 1/16"
Material Used 100% Nomex; Bonded Nomex Filament Thread, Nickel Plated Rivets; Nickel Plated Hooks; Stainless Steel Washers
Estimated Part Weight 2 lbs.
Industry for Use Airline/Aerospace
Delivery Location Buffalo, New York
Standards Met 100% Product Certification
Product/Image Name Elastomeric Bag


Sewingtechinc Sewingtechinc

Product Description Protective Bag - Satellite Dish Petals
Capabilities Applied/Processes Rivet installation; Screen Printing; Binding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Single Needle JUKI; Custom Binder; Air Compressed Rivet Machine
Tightest Tolerances .25"
Material Used 420 Nylon Denier, 1/4" foam, 200 Nylon Denier Binding, Zipper Chain.
Estimated Part Weight 1 lb.
Industry for Use Military /Commercial Communications
Delivery Location Rochester, New York
Standards Met 100% Drawing Specifications
Product/Image Name Protective Bag